We are a board-certified Integrative Neurologist and Medical Acupuncture Physician and an Integrative OB-GYN and Lifestyle Medicine physician located in Williamsburg and Richmond, VA.

Functional Integrative Neurology and Gynecology transcend the conventional medical model of health by treating the root causes. In order to appropriately address the root causes, Dr. Vera and Dr. Ilya Dubovoy apply holistic principles to regain balance, harmony and peace.

We recognize that 80% of chronic health conditions are preventable. We take time with our patients to work on current health concerns and improve overall wellness and longevity. Often with lifestyle modifications, including a healthy diet and optimal nutritional support, healthy sleep patterns and regular purposeful movement, our bodies will re-establish a healthy balance. We are a complex combination of Body, Mind and Spirit and express health through a balanced integration of all three. 

We offer direct, personalized Holistic Integrative Healthcare to those seeking an alternative to corporate medicine. We prioritize options other than pharmaceutical drugs and surgery, and treat patients with the sophistication they deserve, carefully considering the risks and benefits of all options, just as we would for ourselves. We strive to be the doctors that we would want to treat us.

Our office provides access for our patients including the ability to text, call or email us, have a weekend or evening appointment, tele-medicine follow-up visits or even have a home visit for a small travel fee. We do not have any wait times and we offer extended time for our office visits. We are always open to our patient's feedback on how we can improve access, as your health is our priority.



Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health? We are located in Williamsburg, VA and Richmond, VA with options for home visits in both cities.

Richmond, VA location:

Wednesday with Dr. Ilya Dubovoy and Fridays with Dr. Vera Dubovoy 

1404 Starling Dr. (Inside the Wellness Village)

Richmond, VA 23229

Williamsburg, VA location:

Tuesdays and most Saturdays with Dr. Ilya Dubovoy and Dr. Vera Dubovoy

2225 South Henry St., U2

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Text or call:

757-603-3034 for Dr. Vera Dubovoy

804-728-0225 for Dr. Ilya Dubovoy

OFFICE FAX 945-202-3663