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Holistic Medical Care

Personalized Medicine

The key to Functional Medicine is treating each patient as an individual and getting to the root cause of your health concerns. Our first visit is a deep exploration of the life events and triggers that have culminated to present day. This in depth appointment will explore your own health and wellness goals and will provide you the first steps to be able to achieve goals. We will explore emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, and spiritual health. We offer a range of progressive therapies designed to fit the treatment needs of the patient. We will send you a new patient intake form prior to your appointment.  Please bring all of your current supplements, medications, any labs, and imaging with you.

We believe that:

1) Prevention is paramount. Virtually every complex, chronic disease is preceded by long-term disturbances in functionality that can often be identified and effectively managed.

2) Changing how the systems function can have a major impact on the patient’s health. The Functional Medicine physician examines a wide array of available interventions and customizes a treatment plan including those with the most impact on your health.

3) Functional Medicine expands the clinician’s tool kit. Treatments may include combinations of prescription drugs, botanical medicines, nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets, or detoxification programs. They may also include counseling on lifestyle, exercise, or stress-management techniques.

4) The patient becomes a partner. As a patient, you become an active partner with your Functional Medicine physician. Such a partnership allows you to be in charge of improving your own health and changing the outcome of disease.

Discounted Lab Services

We are able to offer our established patients pre-pay cash discounts on traditional lab services and some functional medicine labs that are not typically covered by private insurance.


Standard lab testing:

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Includes electrolytes, kidney and liver function: $5

Complete Blood Count (CBC), Includes white & red cells, and platelets: $5

TSH+FT4+FT3 (evaluating thyroid disease): $10

Reverse T3: $18

TPO Antibodies: $8

Standard Lipid Panel (HDL/LDL/Total cholesterol): $5

Hemoglobin A1C: $4 

Iron Studies (Ferritin+Iron+TIBC): $8

Vitamin D Level (25 OH Vit D): $14

AM Cortisol (blood): $6

AM Insulin: $5

Homocysteine level: $14

Vitamin B12 and Folate: $10

DHEA-S: $5

Progesterone: $7

Estradiol $6

FSH: $5

Testosterone Free/Total: $15

hsCRP (High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein): $7

Functional Medicine testing:

Salivary Cortisol x 4, Timed $70

IgG Food Allergen Profile $95

Urine Organic Acids analysis $60

CA125 $8

Celiac Disease Panel: $65

Anti-Mullerian Hormone: $45

NMR LipoProfile (insulin-resistance score; lipoprotein particle number (LDL-P); particle concentration and size (total HDL-P, small LDL-P, LDL size) and standard lipid panel): $40

MANY Additional labs available as needed at discounts. 

*There is a $4 processing fee added to the end of the lab bill

Discounted High Quality Supplements

We provide our patients discounted rates on high quality supplements and recommend supplements only from manufacturers who have gained our confidence through considerable research and experience. We determine quality by considering: (1) the quality of science behind the product; (2) the quality of the ingredients themselves; (3) the quality of the manufacturing process; and (4) the synergism among product components. The brands of supplements that our physicians recommend are those that meet our high standards and tend to produce predictable results. The value also includes assurance of their purity, quality, bioavailability (ability to be absorbed and used by the body), and effectiveness. You are not guaranteed the same level of quality when you purchase your supplements from other brands. We are not suggesting that such products have no value; however, given the lack of stringent testing requirements for dietary supplements, product quality varies widely.

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