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Ilya Dubovoy, M.D.

Dr. Ilya Dubovoy is a board-certified Neurologist and trained medical acupuncturist.

Dr. Dubovoy received his BS in Chemistry (with a minor in French and Francophone Studies) from the College of William & Mary before his 18th birthday. He went on to complete his medical doctorate at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. He completed his residency in neurology at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas and studied medical acupuncture for physicians at the Helms Medical Institute.

With a strong interest in integrative and functional medicine, nutrition, pharmacology, and applied biology, Dr. Dubovoy chose neurology because working with the nervous system allowed him to treat his patients holistically. In his practice, he follows the advice of Asclepius, “First the word, then the herb, lastly the knife.” This approach enables him to build upon the basics of disease prevention and health maintenance with his patients from both a top-down (systemic and psycho-spiritual) and bottom-up (biochemical and energetic) approach to the human being.

Born in the Ukrainian town of Simferopol on the Black Sea, Dr. Dubovoy grew up in Richmond and is fluent in English and Russian, while also speaking conversational French. He also enjoys gardening, cooking with local, farm-fresh produce and spending time with his wife and their young family.


See what patients have said about Dr. Ilya Dubovoy

Excellent experience . . . very thorough discussion and explanation as to what his diagnosis is. Liked him A LOT !


What conditions do you treat?

If you have a diagnosis and are seeking a second opinion or are dealing with bothersome symptoms which don't fit a simplistic rubric, or you just want to optimize your health and reduce reliance on toxic drugs, I have a broad range of techniques and expertise to offer.

Some of the specific conditions to which my techniques and expertise are particularly suited:

  • Fatigue

  • Cognitive dysfunction

  • Symptomatic and functional treatment of pain of all kinds

  • Insomnia

  • Migraines and other headaches

  • Seizures and epilepsy

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and panic attacks

  • Functional GI disorders

  • IBS

  • Prevention of strokes

  • Prevention of neurodegenerative diseases of aging

  • Men's sexual health and hormone imbalance

  • Nerve and brain injuries

  • Obesity and metabolic disorders

  • Inflammatory and autoimmune conditions

  • Prescription drug detox

  • And much more

What treatments do you offer?

I'm trained in medical acupuncture, specifically the French bio-energetic school as interpreted and elaborated by Dr. Joseph Helms of the Helms Medical Institute.

I have ample experience with trigger point injections, joint injections, various nerve blocks and botulinum toxin injections for various conditions.

I am well acquainted with both modern Western herbal medicine and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

In the future, I would like to offer transcranial direct current stimulation (HD-tDCS) for various neurological and psychiatric conditions.

I read my own neuro-imaging and can interpret my own EEGs, although we do not perform any diagnostic studies in-house at this time. I do not perform EMGs.

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