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Community Events

Williamsburg and Richmond, VA

As community health and wellness leaders, we love empowering people to understand their bodies and discover the power of lifestyle and nutritional medicine. We plan on holding regular events in the community as our schedules will allow, promoting lifestyle medicine, nutrition and food as medicine. Please join us in creating a healthier community. 

Upcoming Events:


Past Events:

March 18, 2023, noon, Let Food be Thy Medicine: Focus on Carbohydrates, Stryker Center, VIRTUAL OR In-Person at Williamsburg Public Library

February 18, 2023, noon, Let Food be Thy Medicine: Focus on Healthy Fats, Stryker Center, Williamsburg Public Library

January 21, 2023, Let Food be Thy Medicine: Focus on Proteins, Stryker Center, Williamsburg Public Library

September 24th, 2022 Let Food be Thy Medicine, Stryker Center, Williamsburg Public Library

June 11th, 2022 Free talk in Richmond, Achieving Hormonal Balance, Naturally with Dr. Vera Dubovoy at Ellwood Thompson's

June 10th, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in the City of Williamsburg, open to the public

Future Events:

Doc Walks

Grocery Shop with a Doc

Other talks…

Discounted High Quality Supplements:

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Reliable References

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Natural Standards Comprehensive Database ($) 

Identify medication-caused nutrient deficiencies

Cochrane Review

Dr. Low Dog’s website with helpful resources

Dr. Weil

Evidence based literature review



Functional medicine:

Jeff Bland, PhD  |  The Disease Delusion (HarperCollins; 2015)  |

Mark Hyman, MD  |  Eat Fat, Get Thin (Hachette; 2016)  |

Amy Myers, MD  |  The Autoimmune Solution (HarperCollins; 2015)  |

David Perlmutter, MD  |  The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan (Hachette; 2016)  |

Terry Wahls, MD  |  The Wahls Protocol (Avery; 2014)  |

MBSR Free Course online:

Add Mindfulness into Your Daily Schedule to access a 100% free Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8 week course. 

Past Community Talks

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